About Anita Borgo

Anita Borgo is a writer and teacher. She writes stories for kids and guides for their teachers and parents. Anita knows how because she’s taught 1,500 children (give or take) in her teaching career. She’s also written curriculum for Academically Gifted students as the coordinator of Woods Creek Elementary School’s Extended Curriculum program. Along the way she earned her Masters Degree in Education.

When Anita isn’t teaching or writing she watches birds near her Crystal Lake, Illinois home. (She’s been known to interrupt perfectly civil conversations with “Did you see that house wren chase away the English sparrow!?”) and travels (A duo of curious seals darted about her while she snorkeled in the Galapagos Islands.)

Anita also writes for old kids (called adults) who might enjoy reading her humorous blog, A Few Choice Words by Anita.

More Than A Smidgen And Less Than A Passel of Things About Me

  • Words excite me! When I learned that katzenjammer means “loud confusing noises” I tried to use it in my conversations with friends. That opportunity didn’t come up too often. It was easier to use smidgen (a little bit) and passel (a large amount) as you can see from my title.
  • Travel educates me! I learned in Egypt that riding a camel is more difficult than it looks. Also, in Africa I discovered that an elephant could reach through the bathroom window and grab my hat. (I ran out before that happened.)
  • Gardening quiets me! When I’m scared or confused, pulling a few weeds or digging a hole calms me. Doing something I do well gives me confidence to figure out why I’m scared or confused.
  • Observing inspires me! Watching a raccoon shinny up my neighbor’s drainpipe helped write “Neighbors In The Attic.”
Author wearing her “Lucky Cap” project.
Anita in a “Meet the Author” Zoom session

Available for Meet the Author Zoom Sessions

Anita Borgo author of Operation Hopper and Other Tales: Nature, Magic, and the Oakland Acres’ Kids, a short story collection for students ages 7-11, and Operation Hopper and Other Tales: Nature, Magic, and the Oakland Acres’ Kids  Discussion and Activity Guide, will offer a twenty minute “Meet the Author” Zoom session for your first through fourth grade students with the purchase of her books. During the session, Anita will read a selected story suited to the grade level, discuss the writing process, and answer questions from students. A follow up optional project will be explained. 

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