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Sometimes A Cockatiel Preening Is More Than A Cockatiel Preening

“Squeaks, you look so focused on nibbling and fluffing and scratching,” said Momanita, my hootman. “And it’s amazing that I AM focused! Who writes this early in the morning? Who can THINK before dawn.” I slid my beak over my flight feather and tucked it in place. It’s really a NON flight feather since I can’tContinue reading “Sometimes A Cockatiel Preening Is More Than A Cockatiel Preening”

Not Holding My (Cockatiel) Breath To Catch Some ZZZZZZZ’s

“Isn’t it a wonderful afternoon, Squeaky Pie?” Momanita, my hootman, said in an annoyingly cheerful voice. “No, it’s NOT a wonderful afternoon! It’s rainy and gray and I don’t see any millet in my food cup!”  I chirped and checked my food cup again. Sometimes millet appeared when I napped. I loved waking up toContinue reading “Not Holding My (Cockatiel) Breath To Catch Some ZZZZZZZ’s”

Momanita’s book that will give you the coos like millet gvies me the coos. I LOVE millet!

Momanita, my rescue author
About Me, the Rescue Cockatiel Blogger

Hilo, wilding world! I’m Squeaks. I’m the ONLY rescue cockatiel blogger on the internest. Momanita rescued me more seasons ago than I have toes. (Toes are good. I like my toes. Most of the time I like my toes. Toes keep me on the perch. I don’t like when nailtoes grow curly. Then I have to go to the nailtoe hootman who cuts them. I hate that almost more than I hate pingpongo balls.) So Momanita made this website for her books. She’s an author. She’s my rescue author. A rescue author is a regular author who needs my help. Momanita likes to write almost as much as she likes me. (I know she likes me because she tells me I’m a “good boy” all the time. And she’s right. I AM a good boy!) I help Momanita with her website. I bloggo for her. I hope you like my bloggos even better than millet. I LOVE millet. Millet gives me the coos. Reading my bloggos might give you the coos, too. Then you’ll know what I mean.

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