Sometimes A Cockatiel Preening Is More Than A Cockatiel Preening

“Squeaks, you look so focused on nibbling and fluffing and scratching,” said Momanita, my hootman. “And it’s amazing that I AM focused! Who writes this early in the morning? Who can THINK before dawn.” I slid my beak over my flight feather and tucked it in place. It’s really a NON flight feather since I can’tContinue reading “Sometimes A Cockatiel Preening Is More Than A Cockatiel Preening”

Not Holding My (Cockatiel) Breath To Catch Some ZZZZZZZ’s

“Isn’t it a wonderful afternoon, Squeaky Pie?” Momanita, my hootman, said in an annoyingly cheerful voice. “No, it’s NOT a wonderful afternoon! It’s rainy and gray and I don’t see any millet in my food cup!”  I chirped and checked my food cup again. Sometimes millet appeared when I napped. I loved waking up toContinue reading “Not Holding My (Cockatiel) Breath To Catch Some ZZZZZZZ’s”

Cockatiels Are Hardly Ever Wrong!

“Good morning, Squeaky Pie!” Momanita, my hootman, greeted me. “You mean, good dawn or happy sunrise or pleasant daybreak,” I chirped and scooted away from Momanita who peeked under my rollynest cover. “And I don’t think dawn or sunrise or daybreak is good or happy or pleasant! They’re too early!” “Did you hear the birdsong,Continue reading “Cockatiels Are Hardly Ever Wrong!”

Cockatiels Hardly Ever Make New Year’s Resolutions!

“It’s 2022, Squeaks!” Momanita, my hootman announced at 5 am.  I knew it was 5 am because I had an inner sense of time. (Also, there’s a clock on the cabinet next to my rolly nest.)  “I’m NOT a rooster. I’m a cockatiel. It’s time for sleeping. Then MUCH later it’s time for my coverContinue reading “Cockatiels Hardly Ever Make New Year’s Resolutions!”

Shoo Away The Gloomies

“How are you feeling, Squeaks?” Momanita asks me. A stone got me. A heavy stone that won’t move, I squeal. A stone didn’t REALLY get me. It just FEELS like a stone got me. There’s not much difference. I mostly understand hootman talk. Momanita mostly knows cockatiel speak. She’s the only hootman who does. “YouContinue reading “Shoo Away The Gloomies”

Cheering up Momanita with the Turtle Shell Foot

My hootman, Momanita, perched on her sofanest for lots of millet days. (Momanita gives me millet once a week. A week is fewer toes than I have.)  She didn’t rest like I rest on my perch. I rest with both my feet holding onto the perch. Sometimes I lift one up and snuggle it intoContinue reading “Cheering up Momanita with the Turtle Shell Foot”

Hootman Terror Birds

The scares got me! The scares got Momanita! The scares got everybody! Scares are baddo. Scares are more baddo when they are surprise scares. The evening day was gooddo before it turned baddo. Momanita and me watched the talky box together. She moved my rolly nest close. The pictures on the talky box were gooddo.Continue reading “Hootman Terror Birds”

My Fails

I fails. Fails sometimes gooddo. Fails sometimes baddo. I fails to fly today. I tries my hardest. My wings don’t tries their hardest. This is whats I do. Momanita opens the rolly nest door. (She calls it a cage.) My beak and foots climbs me out to the rolly nest top. (Sometimes Mikeyman puts milletContinue reading “My Fails”

No Fair Song!

The mads gets me today and I’s don’ts likes it! My morning day starts out good.  Momanita cleans my rolly nest. (She calls it a cage.) I sits on her shoulder. Shinies hang from her ears. (She calls them earrings.) I pecks at them. The shinies twirls like leaves in a windy breeze.  My afternoonContinue reading “No Fair Song!”

Squeaks, the Rescue Cockatiel Blogger

I’m Squeaks. This is my bloggo. (I’m also called Mr. Squeakers, Squeaky Pie, and Squeaky Beak.) Momanita rescued me more than eight seasons ago. That’s more seasons than I have toes. (I’m better at writing than I am counting.) If you don’t know what a cockatiel is, I’ll fill you in.  I’m a parrot – biggerContinue reading “Squeaks, the Rescue Cockatiel Blogger”