Moving The Usual Around!

“Squeaks, I read about creativity and I found a way to move our writing into high gear,” Momanita explained. “Let me take a wild guess,” I said. “You Googled again.” To other hootmans this sounded like squeals and whistles, but not to Momanita. She MOSTLY understood cockatiel speak. I MOSTLY understood hootman talk. “It’s easy.Continue reading “Moving The Usual Around!”

Sometimes A Cockatiel Preening Is More Than A Cockatiel Preening

“Squeaks, you look so focused on nibbling and fluffing and scratching,” said Momanita, my hootman. “And it’s amazing that I AM focused! Who writes this early in the morning? Who can THINK before dawn.” I slid my beak over my flight feather and tucked it in place. It’s really a NON flight feather since I can’tContinue reading “Sometimes A Cockatiel Preening Is More Than A Cockatiel Preening”

Not Holding My (Cockatiel) Breath To Catch Some ZZZZZZZ’s

“Isn’t it a wonderful afternoon, Squeaky Pie?” Momanita, my hootman, said in an annoyingly cheerful voice. “No, it’s NOT a wonderful afternoon! It’s rainy and gray and I don’t see any millet in my food cup!”  I chirped and checked my food cup again. Sometimes millet appeared when I napped. I loved waking up toContinue reading “Not Holding My (Cockatiel) Breath To Catch Some ZZZZZZZ’s”

No Fair Song!

The mads gets me today and I’s don’ts likes it! My morning day starts out good.  Momanita cleans my rolly nest. (She calls it a cage.) I sits on her shoulder. Shinies hang from her ears. (She calls them earrings.) I pecks at them. The shinies twirls like leaves in a windy breeze.  My afternoonContinue reading “No Fair Song!”