Squeaks, the Rescue Cockatiel Blogger

I’m Squeaks. This is my bloggo. (I’m also called Mr. Squeakers, Squeaky Pie, and Squeaky Beak.)

Momanita rescued me more than eight seasons ago. That’s more seasons than I have toes. (I’m better at writing than I am counting.) If you don’t know what a cockatiel is, I’ll fill you in.  I’m a parrot – bigger than a parakeet and smaller than an African grey.

Momanita thought I was a cedar waxwing perched at the bottom of a shrub.  Momanita is curious. She knew waxwings like the top of trees not the bottom of bushes.

She came closer to investigate. It reminded me of a prowl. I’m a cockatiel. Escaping a prowler is at the top of my “to do” list or I’ll be “done for.” Escaping isn’t easy for me. I can’t fly. Something happened to my wings and all I can do is flop forward. My wings don’t hurt, but they don’t work right. All I can do is flopfly in little leaps. 

Momanita and me

I flopflew in circles and Momanita walkstopped in circles. I was getting dizzy. She threw something and it went dark like the sun fell out of the sky and the moon didn’t show up. I found out later her jacket flew over me and she scooped me up. 

We walked home. Well, Momanita did all the walking. I shrieked in the dark hoping to scare her away. Good thing Momanita doesn’t scare easily. I was a sitting duck in that bush. A terror bird (hootmans call them hawks) might have had me for lunch. That’s the way my wild world works. I pick off the millet seeds and a terror bird would pick me off. (Yummmmm! I love millet. THINKING about millet gives me the coos. I can’t stop cooing when Momanita plops a sprig in my seed dish. That’s on Mondays.)

Momanita’s too busy to write a bloggo for her new website. So, I’m writing one. I’m a RESCUE cockatiel. I’m rescuing Momanita from being too busy.

Momanita is a good author. She wrote Operation Hopper and Other Tales. The stories are about frogs and raccoons and snakes and rabbits and squirrels. (She didn’t write about a cockatiel yet, but she’s working on it.)

You’ll like reading her short stories as much as I like eating millet. It will give you the coos!

8 thoughts on “Squeaks, the Rescue Cockatiel Blogger

  1. Squeaks is a good story teller👍🥰. I enjoyed reading his perspective on his rescue. I’ll have to have AB read it. She’ll enjoy it😊


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