Cheering up Momanita with the Turtle Shell Foot

My hootman, Momanita, perched on her sofanest for lots of millet days. (Momanita gives me millet once a week. A week is fewer toes than I have.) 

Momanita’s turtle shell foot

She didn’t rest like I rest on my perch. I rest with both my feet holding onto the perch. Sometimes I lift one up and snuggle it into my feathers to keep warm. Momanita rested with one foot up on pillows. A green shell covered her foot like the shell that covers a turtle. (I know about turtles. I see them in the pond through the window.) Her toes stuck out, but didn’t move like a turtle’s head.

Momanita was NOT happy. I know because she said, “Squeaks, I’m not happy about this foot surgery, but sometimes you have to do things that are hard to do.”

Momanita doesn’t sit still well. (She’s NOT like the Great Horned Owl hiding in the pine during the day. He sits still so the crows won’t find him and chase him. I would NEVER chase that owl terrorbird. The scares get me thinking about it!)

I also visit Momanita when she writes.

Whistling from my rollynest cheered Momanita. When I visited her (Mikeyman let me out) I twisted her jacket zipper tie and flipped her earring. I also didn’t poop on her shoulder. 

“Thanks, for the visit, Squeaky Pie,” Momanita said when Mikeyman put me back.

The coos got me and Momanita knew I liked the visit, too.

If your friend is sad, think about a visit. Twisting a jacket zipper and flipping an earring many not cheer everyone. You’ll have to think of what your friend would like best. 

I DO know that most everyone enjoys when you DON’T poop on their shoulder.

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