Cockatiels Hardly Ever Make New Year’s Resolutions!

“It’s 2022, Squeaks!” Momanita, my hootman announced at 5 am. 

I knew it was 5 am because I had an inner sense of time. (Also, there’s a clock on the cabinet next to my rolly nest.) 

“I’m NOT a rooster. I’m a cockatiel. It’s time for sleeping. Then MUCH later it’s time for my cover to come off. Then it’s time for neck rubs and Cheerios and millet. I LOVE millet! Then maybe if it’s really important, it’s time for an announcement,” I said. 

To other hootmans this sounded like squeals and whistles, but not to Momanita. She MOSTLY understood cockatiel speak. I MOSTLY understood hootman talk.

Today Momanita didn’t understand mostly anything of what I said because she did NOT put my cover back on. She didn’t understand me or she ignored me.

It’s 5 am. I’m NOT a rooster! Cover my rolly nest!

Sometimes hootmans hear, but they don’t listen.

“With the start of the year, I like to make a resolution, a promise to myself, to make life better in some way,” explained Momanita. “My resolution for 2022 is to make the most of every day! To rise early, to accomplish more.”

“It’s the end of January! It’s not the start of the year!” I said. I knew the date because I had an inner sense of the seasons. (Also, there’s a calendar in the kitchen where Momanita kept the Cheerios.)

“We can write pages and pages today.”

Momanita was NOT listening.

This isn’t making MY life better! It’s not MY resolution. Cockatiels hardly ever make New Year’s resolutions,” I said. “Put the cover back on my rolly nest. THAT will make my life better. We can write pages and pages after neck rubs and Cheerios and millet. I LOVE millet.”

I moved so Momanita could rub the best spot on my neck.

“I need your help, Squeaky Pie.” Momanita rubbed my neck and lifted me to her shoulder. “You inspire me.” 

“It’s not really that early.” I moved so Momanita would rub the good spot on my neck.

“This will get us started.” Momanita poured coffee for herself and balanced a Cheerio on her shoulder next to me.

“Getting up early is easier when there are Cheerios,” I said.

Getting up early is easier with Cheerios,

“Getting up early is easier when there is coffee,” Momanita said. “It’s not easy thinking of what to write.”

Momanita climbed the stairs. She scooted her rolly chair to her writing desk.

I climbed to the top of my little writing nest. I supervised from there.

“Let’s write about getting up early and making the most of every day and helping friends with their New Year’s resolutions,” I said. 

I supervise Momanita from the top of my little writing nest.

“I know let’s write about how you’re helping me with my New Year’s resolution,” Momanita said.

Sometimes hootmans hear and listen. I hoped Momanita would listen when I announced my resolution about snacking on millet before afternoon naps.

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