Sitting Up And Taking Notice

“Good morning, Squeaks!” Momanita said, “We’re doing a bird sit today.”

A cockatiel with a quiet mind dozes.

“I do a bird sit EVERY day! I’m a cockatiel and I sit!”

“A bird sit is just what it sounds like. We’ll sit outside and focus on birds.” Momanita scooped me into her cupped hands and placed me in the writing nest. “It will be relaxing and quiet our minds so I can think about what to write.”

“I was dozing! How MORE relaxed could I be! My mind WAS quiet! Now I’m awake and my mind is loudly thinking of corn flakes and wheat Chex and Cheerios!’

To other hootmans this sounded like squeals and whistles, but not to Momanita. She MOSTLY understood cockatiel speak. I MOSTLY understood hootman talk.

“I read on the Internet that a bird sit will make a stronger bond with the birds around us. We’ll bird sit in the sitooterie.”

Momanita carried my writing nest outside into a screened room off the back deck, the sitooterie. It’s like a big cage for hootmans except they can escape anytime they want. She slid up my writing nest door.

A sitooterie is like a large cage for hootmans.

“We’ll sit quietly for 20 minutes and look and listen.”

“. . . and doze.”

“Squeaks, the mourning doves sit on the sunny roof. You like sitting on top of your cage.”

“I DO like to be on top of things. You like sitting in the sunshine like the doves.” I climbed to the top of my writing nest.

“The grackles fling seeds out of the feeder,” said Momanita. “What a mess! You throw your seed about when I fill your cup.”

“That’s because I’m looking for millet! The grackles hope to find their favorites in the feeder,” I said. “You eat the avocado slices first out of your salad.”

There’s nothing scarier than bouncing ping pong balls!

“That sparrow is brave. She landed on the feeder next to the grackles. She’s braver than you!”

“She’s braver than you, too. “I’ve seen you hide under the blanket when Mike watches horror movies!” She wouldn’t be that brave if there were ping pong balls at the feeder! Nothing is scarier than orange ping pong balls bouncing after you.” I ruffled my feathers at the thought. 

I climbed down into my cage to avoid the “refreshing” mist.

“The red winged blackbird is splashing in the pond. You HATE when I mist you with the spray bottle.”

“Don’t come near me with that thing! Do I LOOK like a fish?” I climbed back into my writing nest in case Momanita got any ideas about a “refreshing” spray. “Mike told me how you hate when he splashes you!”

“Time’s up, Squeaky Pie.” Momanita closed my writing nest door. “My mind is quiet and I’m relaxed. I’ve noticed more about the wild birds in the backyard, but you’re still my favorite. I’ll write about how it’s important to pay attention to what and who’s around you. Even the ones that you think you know well”

My cornflake reward from Momanita.

“Especially the ones you think you know well.”

Momanita slipped cornflakes into my food dish. “And you are still my favorite hootman.”

I’m not sure she got what I meant because Momanita MOSTLY understood cockatiel speak and I MOSTLY understood hootman talk.

5 thoughts on “Sitting Up And Taking Notice

  1. I love your post! It is sharp, and hilarious! It makes me feel calm. It reminds me to pay attention to what is around me. Be grateful and stay in the present.MK

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