A Little Bird (And Some Big Ones) Told Me

“’Pleased, pleased, pleased, pleased-ta MEETCHA’,” Momanita sang.  She lifted my cover. I kept my eyes closed. Sometimes she went away and let me sleep. “’Pleased, pleased, pleased, pleased-ta MEETCHA’,” Momanita sang again. It didn’t work. “I read this morning,” Momanita began. “Let me guess. You Googled something.” “I Googled ‘identifying birds by their songs.’” “TellContinue reading “A Little Bird (And Some Big Ones) Told Me”

Hootman Terror Birds

The scares got me! The scares got Momanita! The scares got everybody! Scares are baddo. Scares are more baddo when they are surprise scares. The evening day was gooddo before it turned baddo. Momanita and me watched the talky box together. She moved my rolly nest close. The pictures on the talky box were gooddo.Continue reading “Hootman Terror Birds”

My Fails

I fails. Fails sometimes gooddo. Fails sometimes baddo. I fails to fly today. I tries my hardest. My wings don’t tries their hardest. This is whats I do. Momanita opens the rolly nest door. (She calls it a cage.) My beak and foots climbs me out to the rolly nest top. (Sometimes Mikeyman puts milletContinue reading “My Fails”